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1 - Academic Advisor, USC Description: JaBari is an Academic Advisor at the University of Southern California. He walks us through a busy day and explains why he gets so much joy out of counseling up to 15 students per day. JaBari also believes that it is very important for college students to find a mentor in an area they are interested in and always be open to new opportunities for growth.
2 - Assistant Director of Athletics, Lancaster Bible College Sarah is the Assistant Director of Athletics at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her position is split into two equally important roles: fundraiser for the department and sole academic advisor for over 200 student athletes.
3 - Assistant Director of Marketing, Rutgers University Christine is the Assistant Director of Marketing for the Rutgers University athletics department. She handles both the promotions schedule (in-game give-aways and events) as well as being charged as the Spirit Coordinator. With three spirit teams (dance, all-girl cheer, and coed cheer), Christine organizes all of the practice spaces and events, both on and off campus.
4 - Business Intelligence at US Department of the Treasury Ryan works in business intelligence for the United States Department of the Treasury. One of the best parts of the job for Ryan is getting to actually see the difference his work makes in the business community.
5 - Campus Recruiter and Assistant VP, PNC Bank Katie is an Assistant Vice President with PNC Bank and manages the company's campus recruiting across the country. She shares how to leverage your networks and be open to anything!
6 - CEO, Drew Advertising Andrew is the CEO of Drew Advertising, an ad agency based out of San Antonio. With clients ranging from Toyota and Verizon to local guacamole brand Ole Avocado, Andrew tells us he isn't just running a brand campaign. He's creating a conversation between the brand and the consumers.
7 - Chief Executive Officer, SOCAP Lindsay is the Chief Executive Officer of SOCAP, a San Francisco based organization "in the vanguard of the emerging global impact economy - convening ideas and capital to catalyze world change." SOCAP hosts a conference every year for investors, social entrepreneurs, and impact leaders to meet and discuss bringing real change to today's biggest social issues. Lindsay also oversaw the launch of the SOCAP 365 platform, an online presence to keep the networking and education going through the year.
8 - Co-Founder and Principal, Maven Communications As Principal of Maven Communications, Jessica works with her business to business clients on matters of Public Relations.
9 - Communications Director, US Congressman Darin LaHood JD is the Communications Director for US House of Representatives Congressman Darin LaHood. Based out of his congressman's home district in Peoria, IL, JD walks us through a busy week in political communications, especially in the world of 24/7 news cycles. Find out what JD likes to see on all the resumes that come across his desk!
10 - Communications Manager, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority Kathryn is the Communications Manager for the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority. Kathryn oversees marketing and awareness-building, public and media relations, as well as directs all of the department's public education efforts!
11 - Deputy Chief, Office of Communications, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Michelle is the Deputy Chief in the Office of Communications at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her main objective is to share the story of NASA Goddard and engage the community in it's current missions and programs. Michelle does this through traditional media, social media, and community outreach events. Find out what Michelle has to say about not only landing a government job, but successfully navigating a career in one!
12 - Director of Production Staffing, TMZ Charla is the Director of Production Staffing for entertainment news giant TMZ. Whether it's for the television or internet side, Charla is tasked with finding the best talent to fill production needs!
13 - Director of Talent and Organizational Development, Ingram Micro Emily is the Director of Talent and Organizational Development at Ingram Micro. Located in Irvine, CA, Emily and her team are in charge of overseeing the development of the company's talent, from hiring to retirement.
14 - Entertainment Coordinator, NBC Universal Kelsey is an Entertainment Coordinator of Current Programming at NBC Universal. Unlike a position in programming development, she works with existing shows in the NBC line-up to build up audience viewership. Kelsey and her team have the final say on edits and creative content for every concept, script and idea that is presented to the networks current programming department.
15 - Field Marketing Specialist Stephanie is a Field Marketing Specialist with Becker Professional Education. Traveling 3 out of the 5 weekdays, Stephanie visits schools and runs marketing campaigns for Becker's CPA exam services. Find out how Stephanie's "elevator pitch" landed her a job she loves!
16 - Financial Advisor Denise is a financial planner with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in Barrington, IL. Denise works with clients to implement life-planning and investment strategies for individual, family, or business purposes.
17 - Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Steve is a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual out of West Hartford, CT. Asides from his financial practice, Steve also is the College Unit Director, monitoring the company's interns in order to coach and track their progress.
18 - Human Resources Professional, BCB Consulting LLC Beth is a Human Resources Professional as well as the owner of BCB Consulting LLC, a full-service human resources consulting group. Beth advises students and job seekers to create a "List of 100". This list will be one hundred people that you should reach out to to keep them informed of your career progress. These same contacts can also be used to find employment down the line!
19 - IT Contracts Analyst, Guardian Life Insurance Kimberly is an IT Contracts Analyst for Guardian Life Insurance, one of the largest life insurance companies in the country. Upon graduating, Kimberly used her network connections to get an interview at Guardian. The interview quickly turned into a full-time career. Check out Kimberly's story to find out how!
20 - Manager of Service Excellence, UCLA Health Irene is the Manager of Service Excellence for UCLA Health. Her role sees her visiting with UCLA patients to ensure they get the best care possible from both the medical and administrative staff.
21 - Marketing Coordinator, Logicbroker Rebecca is the marketing coordinator for LogicBroker, a startup software company located in Shelton, CT. Being that her company is a smaller startup, Rebecca finds herself taking on many roles as the marketing coordinator. From social media to public relations, Rebecca has a busy day from open to close of business!
22 - On-Air Personality, Cat Country 96 FM Becca is an On-Air Personality for Bethlehem, PA country radio station Cat Country 96 FM. Working the coveted morning drive-time shift, Becca and her team start their listeners' days with music, news, weather, and plenty of promotions. Find out what it takes to be a radio personality (as well as how much coffee is required).
23 - Owner and Business Consultant, CompasScale Jerry is the President and owner of CompasScale, a full-service consulting firm that advises companies on "enterprise management, entreprenuerial development, business acceleration, and venture catalyst programs." Jerry's main advice to students is to not let your career limit your dreams and spirit. Find a career in which you can grow and excel!
24 - Partner & Financial Advisor, New York Life Michael is a partner and financial advisor with New York Life. After a national championship-winning career with University of Maryland's basketball team, Michael turned to the financial world to start his career.
25 - President of Professional Basketball Team Matt oversees daily team and business operations within the Erie Bayhawks organization, the minor league affiliate of the NBA's New York Knicks. Under his leadership, both the average game attendance and total fan base are on a steady rise. Matt shares with us what it's like to run a sports franchise and how to make it on the business side of sports!
26 - Program Director, ESPN Radio Amanda is a Program Director for ESPN Radio in Bristol, CT. She oversee two popular radio programs, "Mike and Mike" and "The Dan Le Batard Show". As Program Director, Amanda oversees the production of each show, from content planning and writing to booking episode guests. Listen to Amanda's story and find out how it all started at her school's career center!
27 - Project Manager: Penn State University, Educational Gaming Chris found a way to bring video games into the classroom. As project leader for Penn State's Educational Gaming Commons he works on integrating games into lesson plans.
28 - Public Relations Director Russell is the public relations director for a world wide public relations agency. He works with major brands to provide them with brand awareness through several media outlets.
29 - Recruiter, PeopleShare Kelly is a recruiter with PeopleShare, a staffing firm based out of Princeton, NJ. Like the employees she places everyday, Kelly herself began her career as a temp employee at PeopleShare and through her hard work turned the opportunity into a full-time position!
30 - Relationship Manager, PNC Bank Tom is a Relationship Manager and middle market corporate lender for PNC Bank out of Philadelphia, PA. For companies with revenue between 30 and 500 million dollars, Tom will do almost anything as their relationship manager: provide the working capital, term financing, and treasury management to just name a few.
31 - Special Projects Producer, News 12 New Jersey Ivy is a Special Projects Producer with News 12 New Jersey, one of the leading news outlets in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. From concept to completion, Ivy is expected to produce news segments with deadlines sometimes as soon as the same day! Ivy's advice to students is to learn as much as possible about as many things as possible. It will make you well-rounded and can only increase your chances of employment!
32 - Television Reporter & Journalist (NBC & ABC) Lauren, a television reporter and video journalist for NBC in Fort Meyers, reveals the rigorous life of a reporter and explains why prospective journalists shouldn't get too cozy living in one place.
33 - TV Advertising, Senior Account Executive, WPMT Fox 43 Katie is a Senior Account Executive with WPMT Fox 43, the Fox television affiliate based out of York, PA. Her main job is to sell air time to local or national companies looking to advertise during Fox's scheduled programs.

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