Services for Faculty & Staff

The Career Development Center(CDC) offers a variety of services to undergraduates, graduate students and alumni to assist them in the career decision-making and job search process. Use of the CDC's services is voluntary, with students/alumni selecting the services that are best suited to their needs. However, faculty and staff have made attendance at CDC workshops and programs required as an integral part of coursework (arrangements can be made with the CDC).

As a BSC faculty or staff member, you may be interested in the following services:

Class presentations - The professional staff of the CDC accepts invitations from faculty and staff members to present workshops or to speak to their classes on career, employment and graduate school related topics. To request a class presentation, please complete the Workshop Request Form.

Support for academic advisement - The CDC assists students who need information about their career options and help in clarifying their goals for a career or major. Faculty and staff members can refer both "committed" and "uncommitted" students for this assistance, which is provided through:

  • Individual career counseling and assessment
  • Focus, a computer-assisted career guidance program
  • Career information events, sometimes co-sponsored by an academic department and/or its related student organization
  • Career and graduate school online resources

Employment - The CDC helps students and alumni find employment by teaching them job search skills, communicating job openings, hosting on-campus employer information sessions/tables/interviews, and by making candidate resumes available to employing organizations.

Faculty and staff members who want to get students started in their job searches can refer them to the CDC or arrange for a job search workshop to be presented in their classes. This is an orientation to the CDC during which a career counselor explains strategies for uncovering the hidden job market, gives advice on finding a job outside of WNY, and explains how to use the center's services for finding professional employment. Services include:

Graduate School - The CDC staff support the faculty with helping juniors and seniors apply to graduate and professional schools. Information on scholarships, fellowships and writing personal statements is also maintained in the center. A graduate school fair and a law school fair are held during the Fall semester. Faculty members who want to get students started on the graduate school selection process may refer them to the CDC.

Instructional Materials/Handouts - The center maintains a supply of handouts (also found online) written by our staff for use as quick reference tool by students who are career planning or job searching. The handouts consist of advice and strategies on job searching, applying to graduate school, and descriptions of various CDC services. Faculty and staff members may request multiple copies of handouts for use in advisement, curricular support, and recruitment activities.

Staff: Director Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles
Interim Assistant Director Phillip Auman
Employer Relations/Senior Career Counselor Lynn Rogers
Career Counselor Jenell Spitale
Career Counselor Cate Vivacqua
Secretary Heather Wray
Office Assistant II Tiffany Rose

HELPFUL LINKS - The CDC will post helpful faculty and/or staff links here.

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