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1 - Behavior Analyst, Nemours Children's Health System Aaron is a behavior analyst with the Nemours Children's Health System. Based out of Orlando, Aaron works with autistic children ages two through six on pinpointing developmental roadblocks and creating a strategy to overcome them.
2 - Family Nurse Practitioner, Clifton Park Family Medicine Lisa is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Clifton Park Family Medicine. After spending two hours every morning treating urgent care walk-ins, she spends the rest of her shift seeing regularly scheduled patients for anything ranging from basic physicals to diabetes monitoring and wound care. Find out how you can start a career as a nurse today!
3 - Pediatric Critical Care Physician, University of Colorado School of Medicine Brian is a Pediatric Critical Care Physician with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. His day revolves around diagnosing and treating children in the Critical Care section of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
4 - Principal, Newport-Mesa Unified School District Kalim is a School Principal with the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. With a doctorate degree in Education Administration, Kalim walks us through a busy day at school and explains how her responsibilities extend far beyond just education.
5 - Public Health Professional and Hospital Administrator Val is a Public Health Professional and Hospital Administrator in Statesboro, GA. As a doctoral student at Georgia Southern's College of Public Health, Val is currently teaching graduate classes as a teaching assistant. She explains how her time as a counselor at the YMCA opened her eyes to child behavioral issues and sparked her interest in public health.
6 - School Counselor, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Christina is a School Counselor with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District. Her office is the frontline for dealing with students' mental health issues, student class scheduling, and even part of the response team when students are caught with illegal substances on campus.
7 - Social Worker, Waukesha County Health and Human Services Sara is a social worker with the Waukesha County department of Health and Human Services. Her office's main objective is to research and fulfill requests from area families who need assistance for children with special needs. Whether the solution involves a new form of transportation or the construction of a ramp at the family's home, Sara works tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone in her community.
8 - Victim Advocate, Family Crisis Services Heather is a social worker and a victim's advocate at Family Crisis Services in Oxford, MS. Whether during her normal operating hours in the day or via the overnight emergency cell phone, Heather's main duty is to coordinate services between the victim and their family, the sheriff's department, and any medical services needed.

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