Sending Your File to Employers and Graduate Schools

A) Making the request:

  • All requests must be made by you in writing by using the reference file request form provided by the CDC or by including the pertinent information in a signed letter. The letter should include your name (married and maiden names, if applicable), address, phone, the complete address of where you are sending the references and most importantly, your signature, which is required by law to release your file. Since the law requires an original signature and the fee must accompany the request, phone and fax requests cannot be taken.
  • For your convenience, a drop slot is located outside of CLEV 306 to submit requests. Follow posted instructions.
  • All the non-retired letters in your file will be sent unless you specifically request otherwise (in writing).
  • All requests are processed and sent out in the order in which they are received. Please allow enough processing time to meet organization deadline dates.
  • All references are mailed directly to the employer or graduate school. It is NEVER possible to hand-carry your references from the CDC. This policy also applies to unofficial copies. See Section 7b below.
  • Each employer and graduate school requires different procedures for references to be sent. We accommodate requests within our established policies.
  • The CDC reserves the right to verify all requests to insure your file is being sent to a bona fide employer or graduate school.

B) Fees:

  • There is a $3 fee for each set of references mailed, or uploaded to a single organization or school district. If you have your reference file uploaded into the WNY School Application System (WNYRIC), the Monroe BOCES, or any similar multi-district on-line system, there is a $20.00 fee. All requests must be accompanied by the fee.
  • If you have had your reference file already mailed or uploaded to an organization and want any new/additional references sent, there will be a $3.00 fee per system.
  • Reference requests are not filled if you have outstanding financial obligations to the college.
  • There is a $20 fee for all returned checks.
  • As a courtesy, the reference request fee for applicants to BSC graduate programs is waived. Requests must be made in writing.See section 7a above.
  • References sent to a foreign country may require additional postage and the fee would therefore increase. These costs are established on a case-by-case basis.
  • You can make one request free-of-charge for an unofficial "student copy" of non-confidential references in your file. Subsequent requests for unofficial copies must be accompanied by the $3 fee.

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