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New Policy Alert!

The Buffalo State Career Development Center (CDC) will change our reference file retention policy of maintaining reference files for students/alumni from 20 years to 6 years, effective July 1, 2016. This change reflects the SUNY file retention policy. As we begin to move towards implementing this policy, if you opened a file with the CDC during the years 1996-2001, and you still wish to maintain your file in the CDC, please notify us by October 1, 2016 at Please provide your name (previous names as well), current address, year of graduation, and major. Call 716-878-5811 for any questions about your reference file.

A reference file contains "letters of reference." These are needed by potential employers or graduate/professional schools in order to learn about your qualifications. Many employers and most graduate schools require these letters before you can obtain employment or admission to graduate school.

The Career Development Center (CDC) Reference File Service maintains your file by updating it as new material is submitted and responds to requests to mail copies of it to employers or graduate/professional schools.

Those eligible to use the CDC reference file service are: matriculated BSC undergraduate and graduate students, BSC graduates, and those attending BSC to receive teaching/ administration certification only. No others may start a file or use the service.

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