Obtaining References

The CDC provides a form for your use. Prior to giving the form to your reference writer, type or print the requested information on top of the form and sign your name on the appropriate signature line indicating your choice of a confidential or non-confidential reference. Reference letters written on plain paper instead of official organization letterhead or a CDC form cannot be accepted.

    a) Confidential references:

    * Must be written, typed, or printed on (not attached to) an original CDC form--no exceptions! The back of the Reference form may be used for printing purposes.

    * References written on letterhead cannot be considered confidential.

    * Must be signed on the confidential signature line by you prior to the author writing the reference.

    * Must be mailed or delivered to the CDC by the author. Hand-delivered confidential references must be in a sealed envelope with the author's signature across the seal. Signatures will be verified.

    * The contents can neither be read by you nor communicated to you by the CDC.

    b) Non-confidential references:

    * Can be written, typed, or printed on a CDC reference form with the non-confidential signature line signed or they may also be written on official company/ organization letterhead. The signature option cannot be changed after the reference has been written.

    * References submitted on CDC reference forms are considered non-confidential if your signature is omitted entirely.

    * May be mailed or hand-delivered to the CDC.

    * May be read by you in the CDC with proper identification.

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