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1 - Assistant Director of Marketing and Comms., Rutgers University Larry is the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at the Rutgers University Department of Student Life. After working for the department as a student, Larry turned a part-time job into a full-time career! His secret to this (and advice to students) is to find a need that's currently missing in an organization and fill it!
2 - Associate Creative Director, WC+A Jerome is a a graphic designer and the Associate Creative Director at WC+A, an advertising and graphic design company located in Los Angeles. Jerome walks us through the lifecycle of a design project, from pre-production pitch meetings to photo shoots and the final graphic work. He and his team are working on three to four movies at a time, primarily for Hallmark, who call on WC+A for their 70 movies every year.
3 - Athletics Photographer, Graphics Athletics Kekoa is a photographer with Graphics Athletics, a Pittsburgh-based team photography company. Traveling around the country on weekends, Kekoa and his team photograph upwards of 100 teams at various tournaments or contests and then makes the prints available immediately or for future order.
4 - Creative Director, Universal Music Group Joseph is a Grammy award winning art director and a Creative Director with Universal Music Group. Responsible for Island, Republic, and Def Jam Records, Joseph oversees the creativedirection for the label's big artists, working with both the musicians and their management on overall goals and vision for album and brand artwork. He encourages interested students to graduate with a degree in fine art and then back up their resume with a dynamic portfolio, showcasing your strengths and desires.
5 - eCommerce Graphic Designer, Frontline Technologies Geoffrey is an eCommerce graphic designer at Frontline Technologies. His job is multi-faceted involving web design, user experience design, and digital design. Primarily working with creating advertisements for the digital space, Geoffrey walks us through a day in graphic design!
6 - Marketing Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Superior Jade is a Marketing Specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Superior. With a degree in graphic design, Jade is responsible for crafting marketing materials such as email blasts to attract potential students to the university. Jade walks us through her creative process as well as shares some upcoming projects, such as integrating Snapchat geofilters into her marketing campaign!
7 - Owner of a Web Design Company Called Websolvers Inc. Matt started his company while still living in his dorm room at Rollins. Now his company Websolvers Inc. is used to help companies brand their company by developing it digitally.
8 - Senior Graphic Designer and Consultant, Stanley Black & Decker Pamela is a Senior Graphic Designer and Consultant with Stanley Black & Decker. Her current role is to work with the design team as the company adds recently acquired brands to their inventory. Currently working through product numbers and inventory management, the next phase will be creating a rebranding that both breathes new life into the newly acquired products as well as retain the older customers by honoring the brands' history. Find out what Pamela considers to be essential to being a successful designer and why she advises students to always begin a project the old fashioned way: with pencil and paper.

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