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1 - Associate Director for Employer Development, Rutgers University Wenylla is the Associate Director for Employer Development at Rutgers University. Working in the office of Career Services, Wenylla is charged with finding as many employers as possible who are interested in recruiting Rutgers students for internship programs.
2 - Community Educator, Mental Health Association of Delaware Alexandra is community educator with the Mental Health Association of Delaware. When Alexandra was just 17, her father took his own life. This tragic event is now the driving force behind her passion to educate the community on depression, suicide prevention, and other mental illnesses.
3 - Director of China and Korea, The White House Laura is the Director for China and Korea on the National Security Staff at the White House. After reading morning security briefings from both public news outlets and internal reports, Laura and her team advise the White House on national security. After a career in the State Department's civil service track, Laura joined the National Security Staff where she can make a positive impact on the world.

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