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1 - Federal Lobbyist, National Rifle Association Ben is a federal lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Based out of Washington, DC, Ben is tasked with giving a unified voice to the association's members across the country. Whether taking meetings on "the Hill" by day or attending networking functions by night, Ben's ever-changing schedule is packed to the brim! Watch his video to find out how to become a lobbyist in our nation's capital!
2 - Judicial Law Clerk, District Court of NJ Keerthi is a Judicial Law Clerk for the District Court of New Jersey. Her main role is to assist with the writing of opinions in civil and criminal matters as well as help her assigned judge with all research and trial preparations. Keerthi's advice is to develop your network of contacts as early as possible!
3 - Program Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters Caitlin is school-based Program Coordinator for Big Brothers, Big Sisters in southeastern Pennsylvania. After she assists with the matching process, Caitlin continues to support the pairing by planning activities and ensuring everyone's happiness.
4 - Special Projects Producer, News 12 New Jersey Ivy is a Special Projects Producer with News 12 New Jersey, one of the leading news outlets in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. From concept to completion, Ivy is expected to produce news segments with deadlines sometimes as soon as the same day! Ivy's advice to students is to learn as much as possible about as many things as possible. It will make you well-rounded and can only increase your chances of employment!
5 - Stand-Up Comedian Ben Rosenfeld is a professional stand-up comedian living and working in New York City. While working for a management consulting firm out of college, Ben decided to give comedy a try, performing at an amateur open-mic night in Philadelphia. Now he performs two to three times a night in New York and gives an in-depth look at the working life of a stand-up comedian./nCheck out his website,, for more tips on becoming a comedian as well as his free e-book, "How to Find Your Passion", a must-read for anyone who is seeking the career that will bring them a life of happiness!

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