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1 - Background Designer Patrick Raines is a Background Designer for Obsidian entertainment
2 - Interior Designer Loren is the owner of LRS Interiors, INC. Serving both residential and commercial customers, Loren's days are packed from the time he wakes up! If you've ever thought of interior design, check it out!
3 - Owner of a Web Design Company Called Websolvers Inc. Matt started his company while still living in his dorm room at Rollins. Now his company Websolvers Inc. is used to help companies brand their company by developing it digitally.
4 - Owner, Lang Lighting Design Andy is the owner of Lang Lighting Design in Dallas, Texas. A lighting designer works with an architecture team to design and implement the structure's lighting, both interior and exterior. Contrary to a general architecture firm, Lang Lighting Design regularly has six to eight projects in the works at any given time, giving Andy the variety to see projects in every stage, from conception to construction.

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