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1 - Associate Curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art Donna is the Associate Curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She participates in research, exhibitions and tours in what she calls the most beautiful piece of art of all, the museum building.
2 - Blog Writer and Social Media Manager, InsideSeen Brianna is the blog writer and social media manager for InsideSeen, a startup home decor and designer fabric blog published semi-weekly. Check out Brianna's story to find out how she's working to propel her blog from startup to mainstream.
3 - Campus Recruiter, Elizabeth is a campus recruiter for, an internet local directory service with user-submitted reviews and social networking. After joining the company as a sales account executive, Elizabeth transitioned to campus recruiting where she could travel to colleges throughout the country in search of potential account executives!
4 - Curator, Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College Jonathan is the curator of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College. Asides from tours of the museum, the role of curator also involves researching possible future exhibits, working with museum donors, and even teaching.
5 - Nonprofit Senior Program Associate for Communications Oscar is a Senior Program Associate at the Results for Development Institute in Washington, DC. His job not only utilizes his college degree, economics, but also his passion for improving global poverty.
6 - Program and Volunteer Manager, Foundation for Foster Children Maria Petrakos ’07 is the Program and Volunteer Manager for the Foundation for Foster Children. Located in Orlando, FL, the foundation strives to provide funding for tutoring, arts classes, athletics, and other activities for disadvantaged foster children.

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