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Applying Online

Online Resumes and Applications

Many job seekers will find themselves using a variety of job posting websites and organization websites. These sites not only allow users to search for open positions, but also post their resumes for employers to view, submit resumes and cover letters for particular positions, and complete online applications. In some organizations, submitting a resume and/or completing an application online is required, and the only way to be considered for employment.

Some sites use online forms that require users to enter resume and application information as text, while others allow resumes to be uploaded as formatted documents. If given a choice, uploading your resume is preferable, as your chosen formatting will be maintained and the employer will view your resume exactly as you intended. When uploading your resume to a site, make sure that the document is in the proper format. The site may provide instructions that include the appropriate file types (e.g. Word Document, PDF). If the site does not state a preferred file type, then upload your materials as PDF documents.

Sending Your Resume by Email

Some employers prefer to receive resumes via email, and there are some who will only accept electronic submissions. In order to successfully email your resume to an employer, write an introductory message in the body of the email and attach your resume as a PDF. You can additionally include a cover letter as a PDF attachment. To ensure that the layout and formatting of your document(s) remain unchanged, email your resume to yourself first before sending it to the employer. Additionally, clearly and consistently name your documents, for example: John-Smith-Resume.doc, Jane Doe Cover Letter.pdf. This way, the employer will be able to recognize your application materials at first glance.

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