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Networking in your Job Search

Consider the fact that more than three-quarters of all current job openings are not made known to the general public. Many organizations never post an opening, because they do not want to sort through hundreds of resumes. Instead, they find candidates through an informal recruiting network. To find out about these current openings (and any potential openings in the future), you need to tap into that network, making employers aware of you, your interests, skills, and abilities. Remember you may be only one conversation away from information that will lead to employment.

What Is Networking?

Networking is the process of making personal contacts in order to facilitate your job search. By speaking with people who are currently working in or have knowledge about your field of interest, you can obtain up-to-date information and make a professional acquaintance (a contact). This contact can keep you posted on any job openings that may develop, or direct you to individuals who may know of openings.

How Do You Start to Network?

You already have a network of potential contacts in place and may not be aware of it. To begin, simply make a list of people you already know and with whom you come into contact on a regular basis (e.g., friends, relatives, teachers, employers, neighbors, etc.). If you really think about it you can come up with a few dozen people, and you'll see that you already have the beginnings of a solid network.

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